Insurance Fraud Attorney Colorado

Insurance fraud heavily punished in colorado. If your are facing criminal charges for fraud, you should immediately consult a denver defense lawyer who handles insurance fraud cases.

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Committing fraud against insurance firms, such as making a false claim, is a serious criminal offense carrying long terms of confinement in state or federal prison.

Insurance fraud attorney colorado. Your lawyer will investigate the alleged facts, challenge evidence, and aggressively handle your defense. Larimer is a founding attorney and partner at larson larimer schneider, p.c. Under colorado sentencing laws, a class 5 felony is subject to up to five years in prison as well as fines of up to $100,000.

When false statements or documentation are intentionally provided to an insurance company during the claims process. Fraud can also occur when an insurance agent. Because i have practiced complex criminal defense for more than two decades, defending clients charged with health care fraud at both the state and federal levels, i am prepared to work on even the most complex and serious types of charges.

If you believe you have witnessed, been victimized by insurance fraud, or wish to report suspicious activity, please file a report here. In response to the growing trend of insurance fraud within the state of colorado, the financial fraud unit of the colorado attorney general’s office was a strong proponent in the colorado legislature for establishing a new crime specifically for insurance fraud. (1) a person commits insurance fraud if the person does any of the following:

If you are indicted for committing insurance fraud, such as deliberately faking an injury to illegally collect money from your insurance company, an experienced insurance fraud attorney will litigate on your behalf. The attorney general investigates and prosecutes instances of; Colorado insurance fraud penalties for convictions.

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Intentionally providing false statements or false documentation to an insurance company in the claims process. Insurance fraud and several other counts. Contact a colorado springs attorney.

Insurance companies can be very sophisticated in recognizing and investigating. The colorado attorney general's insurance fraud unit and local district attorney's offices criminally investigate and prosecute insurance fraud crimes. Contact the office of the attorney general.

Columbia, south carolina — a prominent south carolina lawyer’s defense lawyer said he will be prosecuted in a plot to arrange his death, which ended with the shooter just scratching his head. Under the laws of colorado, specifically c.r.s. I am prepared to help you begin ideally protecting your rights if you believe you are being investigated or have been charged with insurance fraud.

Find an insurance fraud attorney near colorado springs. The crime can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony and carries penalties of up to 3 years in prison and fines of up to $100,000.00. Are you accused of insurance fraud?

Staging or causing automobile accidents in order to make a. This crime has been on the rise because more and more consumers are looking for affordable insurance solutions during this time of economic hardship. If the conviction happens because a policy was issued due to a fraudulent application, then the sentence is a class 1 misdemeanor.

Colorado springs 58 ° sponsored by. Colorado insurance claim fraud lawyer. What is insurance fraud all about?

When an accident occurs […] I understand the severity of these charges, having worked as an attorney on insurance fraud cases for more than 20 years. The colorado department of regulatory agencies (dora) division on insurance also reviews complaints and regulates insurance companies.

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I also have a comprehensive understanding of federal sentencing guidelines. In addition, insurance fraud can be prosecuted at the. Attorney general phil weiser said the investigation found the department has long had a culture.

In response, the insurance fraud unit helped to pass legislation, which will now make submitting false insurance applications or claims a felony in colorado. Attorney jim griffin says alex murdo will surrender to police on. The attorney general’s office investigates and processes in the following cases:

The lawyer can explain your options and protect your constitutional rights. A skilled insurance fraud lawyer will defend your case if you are accused of making a false insurance claim. After graduating with his law degree from the university of denver, sturm.

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