Hyundai Verna Anniversary Edition – Car that you had been waiting for

The Korean leader in the automobile market of India, Hyundai cars launched the Verna way back in 2005 which was a third-generation Accent in the international market. Hyundai continued its production with a minor facelift in 2010 with the last model known as Hyundai Verna Transform. It was completely redesigned and christened with a new tagline- Fluidic Verna and was launched in 2010 and has been a best-seller since then in the executive sedan segment. Hyundai has refreshed Verna at regular intervals to keep the product attractive and updated with the recent fashion trend of a sharper car with lines giving a sleeker look.

Hyundai Verna Engine

Hyundai decided to celebrate the never-ending sales anniversary of Verna in a distinctive way of offering an Anniversary Edition of Verna. This Verna is based on the Next-gen Hyundai Verna and will be offered in the top-end variant of SX (O) only. The edition will be available in both Petrol (1.6-liter engine for 121 BHP and 151 NM torque) and Diesel (1.6-liter engine for 126 BHP and 260 NM torque) variant.

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Hyundai Verna Engine

The only disappointment (for few of them) in this power-packed gift is that the Petrol variant will be offered in both 6-speed Manual and 6-speed Automatic transmission options, the Diesel variant will get only the 6-speed Manual transmission (insert a sad face for diesel heads!) but hey! It comes in two new color options that were never offered before on Verna i.e. the Marina Blue, yes, the same color offered on Hyundai Elantra which caught you sulking because you didn’t get your favorite summer color! And the second color is Polar White which will cause the Sun asking for a sunscreen for the shine it will give!

Hyundai Verna Price

The Hyundai Verna price is strategically kept to not make the customer feel ripped off in the name of the Anniversary edition. The Petrol Manual and Automatic variants will be offered at Rs. 11.69 lacs and Rs. 12.89 lacs respectively and the Diesel Manual Variant has priced at Rs. 13.03 lacs at New Delhi ex-showroom prices.

Hyundai Verna Price

Hyundai Verna Features

The Hyundai Verna anniversary edition will be spotted with a duck-tail spoiler at the rear making it even with its not-so-distant sibling Hyundai Sonata which was launched lately. the anniversary edition will also sport faux-colored skid plates at the front as well as rear to make it stand out among its peers along with Black colored Shark-fin antenna and ORVMs in the Marina Blue trim to catch more eyes with the color combination scheme while both of them are body-colored in the Polar White trim because “has anyone got enough white ever?”

Hyundai Verna Features

Moreover, the cabin space is really lit in the anniversary edition with an electric sunroof and wireless charging commissioned with contact-blue stitching complementing the blue lines outlining the air vents to give you that aircraft like feel on the road.

So, what are you waiting for now? Grab your motivation and head to your nearest Hyundai authorized dealership to book your India’s new favorite for 5 years!

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